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Job Opening – Water Jet Operator

Position Open: Water Jet Operator

Location: Exmore, VA

Hours: Applicant must be flexible

Reports to: Water Jet Manager

Our Water Jet operators are critical in their detail to quality, alignment and production capacity with marble, glass and metals.   Your duties will consist of cutting materials on the Water Jet machine with the use of computer technology to aid you in the design cuts. You will be responsible for receiving material, checking material for quality, quantity, color, and finish before starting each job.  After placing material on the machine you will engage the computer program to begin cutting.  It is critical that the cutting is monitored closely for clean cutting and that the water jet heads are cutting properly.  You will participate in the maintenance and clean-up of the machine on a daily basis.  You will be standing most of your shift and working in wet conditions. You will be required to wear personal protective equipment such as hearing protection.     You will be expected to keep your work areas clean and organized.  You must be a self-starter and a self-managed person.  Must be aware of all safety guidelines and be able to strictly follow them.  Must know when to stop a job due to material issues and when to delay a job due to material or work order issues.   You will be expected to communicate clearly and timely with your supervisor and co-workers.

Applications can be obtained at the Front Desk at New Ravenna. You may also email your resume to Kristi Bundick, Talent and Culture Director, at kbundick@newravenna.com.

This position posting is dated August 27, 2018.


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