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Job Opening – Small Saw Operator (2:30pm – 11:00pm)

Position Open:  Small Saw Operator – 2:30PM-11PM

Department:  Material Prep

Reports To:  Material Prep Manager

Small Saws is the critical link that prepares material with specialized cuts, angles or specific dimensions that are more efficient to cut individually or in small batches.  You will cut marble and glass on a small wet saw into shapes to allow the creation of mosaic art.  You will be standing most of your shift and working in wet conditions from the small saw. You will be required to wear personal protective equipment such as hearing and eye protection, water proof apron, rubber boots, etc.  You will be required to read the work order, ensure the marble is the right color, ensure you have the correct square footage, and measure twice before starting.  You may be asked to assist in other departments if needed.  You’ll want to keep things organized and clean-up your equipment as required.  Communication is very important with co-workers.

Applications can be obtained at the Front Desk at New Ravenna. You may also email your resume to Kristi Bundick, Talent and Culture Director, at kbundick@newravenna.com.

Date of job posting is 8/27/2018.

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