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Job Opening – Account Representative

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Job Posting: Account Representative
Location: Exmore, VA
Full-Time Position
Reports to: Sales Development Manager
To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to Kristi Bundick, Talent and Culture Director at kbundick@newravenna.com

Primary Function of Job:
A customer needs to understand your commitment to their needs, your level of competence and the confidence to deliver what they’re looking for. The customer needs to know we stand behind our culture and our commitment as a luxury product provider. Our customer is the showroom representative who is placing the order for their client. They generally know what their client wants but they may need direction in the selection of material, color and ranges of color, dimensions, blending, ready to ship product, slabs, accessories, pricing, shipping information and cost, ship dates and an array of other details. It is critically important that this information is relayed in detail and accuracy on the work order to ensure our operations team has the information needed to produce the project that the client is expecting. Client expectations must be met.

Essential Functions:
• You will be responsible for taking calls from showrooms, placing the order, give an expected delivery date, and making any necessary follow up. Orders are entered into a software program.
• It is your job to get the details of the order correct in all areas by completing a checklist, asking questions, reviewing any design documentation for accuracy, requesting samples, and getting confirmation of the order.
• Be present and ready to answer the phone when our showrooms are open. Answer phone promptly, professionally, and with a great deal of enthusiasm. Let them know in your voice that you are glad they are calling.
• Work in a proactive manner in support of the Regional Account Manager in your assigned territory.
• Build relationships with showroom staff via phone, email and in-person visits (twice/year target).
• Maintain territory pipeline and contact list.
• Follow up on quotes and samples within 24 hours.
• Represents the New Ravenna brand at all times.
• Detail cannot be emphasized enough. Attention to the details is critical so that the project may be made to the specifications that the client is expecting. Relaying details in written form and in a timely manner is required.
• Clear communication both verbal and written.
• Knowledge of the product(s). Work on having a “deep” knowledge of our products and pricing. Without knowing our product from front-to-back, you won’t know how to help customers when they run into problems.
• Use of positive language in presenting information or difficult situations.
• Time management in use of your time, resources and clients. You are expected to enter your orders the same day they are confirmed. You are expected to respond promptly to email, phone and voice mails. Promptly is defined as, within 12 to 24 hours or sooner.
• Computer savvy and business etiquette in email communications, MS Word, Excel, scanning, attachments, ERP software, etc.
• Worldly style: keep up on new trends, designs, fashion, social media, news, education, all things worldly.
• Be proactive by anticipating your customer’s needs and getting them what they need to make a decision.
• Every great Account Representative will have the “basic acting skills” necessary to maintain their usual cheery persona in spite of dealing with people who may just be plain grumpy or frustrated.
• One personality – this means you are the same on the phone as off the phone with excellent customer service.

• When dealing with luxury products like ours, it is important to portray trust and professionalism. Excellent customer service is the best way to put a customer at ease. The customer will feel confident in your expertise and handling of their order.
• Communicate clearly in both verbal and written form in a professional manner. Turn your spell check on in Outlook. Speak clearly and kindly. Show enthusiasm and care. Leave a professional impression.
• Be empathetic: knowledge about our product is great, but customers won’t feel well cared for if they aren’t treated with respect and understanding.
• Ethics. Always do the right thing even it means staying late or answering just one more email or making one more phone call. You’ll be glad you did.
• Education: Know your product and educate your customer if necessary in a helpful and understanding manner. Keep informed and pay attention to our marketing campaigns. Be familiar with our website and make frequent visits for updates. You need to know information before our customer does. Be sure you stay informed and keep your clients informed.
• Be a great listener. This takes constant focus. Listening will get you the information you need to do your job correctly. Plus it shows respect.
• You must have the “follow-up” gene in your repertoire of skills. Follow-up whether great news or not so good news. Your customers will always appreciate the contact.
• You must have a natural positive and inquisitive nature with a worldly view. There is a whole world out there that our products are a part of. We have to be aware of what’s happening; new trends, designs, fashion, colors, etc.
• Math skills –You need to understand square and linear footage, dimensions, accuracy of measurement, etc.
• Have the ability to stay calm and even influence others when things get a little hectic.
• Closing ability: Being able to close with a customer means being able to end the conversation with confirmed satisfaction and with the customer feeling that everything has been taken care of (or will be).

Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
• Education : Associate’s Degree preferred (two year college or technical school)
• Experience: One to two years related experience in customer service or account support.
• Computer Skills: Excel, MS Word, Outlook. Ability to learn internal manufacturing software system.
• You are required visit your territory showrooms a minimum of twice a year. These showrooms are within the US. Other occasional travel may be required such as a showroom event or training.

To apply for this position please send cover letter and resume to Kristi Bundick, Talent and Culture Director at kbundick@newravenna.com. Date of posting: August 24, 2018

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