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A Sparkling Upgrade

Never one to sit on her creative laurels, Sara must’ve felt a bit taunted by the fabulous glass ornaments that she and her design team created for our contest as they hung around the design center waiting to be shipped off to our winners.

Maybe it was the Gemenid Meteor Showers that inspired her, maybe it was just the desire to pop in on a friend and see how she was doing, but somehow Sara ended up at Moonrise Jewelry with Meredith Restein with a box full of ornaments. Meredith and her little jewelry elves immediately saw an opportunity to add a little sparkle to the situation.

When Sara left Moonrise, the ornaments she took back to New Ravenna were sporting beautiful Swarovski crystals!

If you’d like to learn more about Moonrise Jewelry, you can check out the blog post we wrote about Meredith & her wonderful company here: http://www.newravenna.com/a-sunny-future-for-moonrise-jewelry/

If you would like to have one of these stunning ornaments for your tree, please go to our Facebook Page, and SHARE THE PHOTO OF THE DAY.

You can learn all about our ornament giveaway contest here: http://www.newravenna.com/christmas-treats/

Good Luck!

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